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Favorite Audio

Voice Demo Reel Voice Demo Voice
Pokemon Games are Just a Serie Miscellaneous Voice
The Sailor Scouts' Beach Trip Comedy Voice
Hellbenders Meet Broly Comedy Voice
No Brains on Twitter Comedy Voice
Boss Battle (Majora's Mask) Heavy Metal Song
The Cunning Grim Reaper Comedy Voice
Santa's Nice List "Orch" Classical Song
Gimme Dat Butt Comedy Voice
The Reason Comedy Voice
Hell Scaper(Hell on Earth Mix) Dance Song
Poppy bros (Remix) Miscellaneous Song
I'm A Cow (moomoomoomoo) Miscellaneous Song
Dearly Beloved Once More Video Game Song
Puzzle Plank Galaxy Remix Video Game Loop
---Tourettes Revamp--- House Song
Rusty Scissors-Metaljonus Heavy Metal Song
The Bartender Comedy Voice
Call My Duty Comedy Voice
Leo & Satan Theme - Original Classic Rock Song
Heros' Toast Comedy Voice
Walking in on Snake. Comedy Voice
Highland Battlefield Classical Song
Super Slumber Party Miscellaneous Song
Mario - Michael Connell Comedy Voice
Super Mario Galaxy Feel Bros! Video Game Song
An Epic Pokebattle Comedy Voice
Garden Party Miscellaneous Song
Pokemon - Fuck*ng Aagron Comedy Voice
Game Night With Ps3! Voice Demo Loop
Draggin Ball Z Comedy Song
I Have No Son! Comedy Loop
Eggman's Scheming Comedy Loop
Sad Loop (8-bit) Video Game Loop
Gusty Garden 8-bit Video Game Song
Why 80's villains always lose? Voice Demo Song
Massive Shit in Mario's Sewers Video Game Song
Cave Story - Opening remix Video Game Song
Street Fighter Dudley VS Cody Voice Demo Song
The Hate Machine Heavy Metal Song
Gobi's Valley with Lyrics Video Game Song
Giraffe Attack Comedy Song
Megaman-Dr.Wily's Castle Stage Video Game Song
V-Metaljonus Heavy Metal Song
Halo Party Commercial Spot Comedy Song
Dreaming a Memory Ambient Song
B7 - Pokemon R/B Battle W Video Game Song
-Glorious morning- Video Game Song
-Orr- 4 Brave Champions [FULL] Classical Song
satan is a friend of mine Country Song
Eyesadrift Demo Reel 2011 Voice Demo Loop
FF7 - Battle Theme Remake Video Game Song
Flakey The Snow-Man Voice Demo Loop
Mario Sunshine: Bianco Hills Video Game Song
The Dark Dungeon Miscellaneous Loop
Billy Meets Bowser Voice Demo Loop
Samurai Rock-off Miscellaneous Song
Sample for Shadow the Hedgehog Voice Demo Song
Duel of the Fates Metaliz Heavy Metal Song
Tails Voice Voice Demo Song
Sonic 2 Ending - Orchestrated Classical Song
Emerald Hill Zone Orchestrated Classical Song
Green Hill Zone - Orchestrated Classical Song
Power Metal Rangers!!! Heavy Metal Song
Please Forgive My Sins Heavy Metal Song
Painful Approach Techno Song
Alone.. Heavy Metal Song
Dragon Savior Heavy Metal Song
FF6 Battle Theme {BreeD Remix} Video Game Song
SMW: Forest Of Illusion Video Game Loop
LoZ (Original Composition) Video Game Song
LifeWish Ambient Song
Enter The Human Heavy Metal Song
Revolutions Techno Song
Surface Techno Song
Fuck Your Real Guitar w/Guitar Heavy Metal Song
Legend Of Zelda: Mtl Absolut!@ Video Game Song
Zelda : Midna's Lament Remix Video Game Song
Zelda 3: HyruleCastle Metal v1 Video Game Song
Sam - Death Mental Heavy Metal Song
SMRPG - Rawest Forest Hip Hop - Modern Song
SM64 - Dire Dire Docks (Beneth Video Game Song
Lost in Geno's Maze Video Game Loop
Peaceful_Adventure [Box-Killa] Ambient Song
Super Mario Piano Ragtime Video Game Song
Smbz: The Big Brawl Techno Song